Dover helps you create a better, more compliant, more professional, more profitable and more valuable practice.

About Dover

Dover provides a competitive financial advice license, with extensive technical, marketing and back office support, to help you create a profitable and valuable financial planning practice that provides the best possible financial product advice and services to your retail clients.

Dover Financial Advisers has been recognised as the top dealer group in 2014 according to Money Management Magazine. The category taken out was the non-institutional dealer group and awarded on the basis of growth as well as funds under advice (FUA) per representative. Interestingly enough, FUA is not a key performance indicator of Dover as we believe this creates a conflict of interest to push a greater amount of product, rather than an emphasis on putting the client's best interests first.

As a result of being an Independently owned dealer group/AFSL, Dover has a large approved product list (APL) which allows its advisers a level of autonomy not seen by many other groups. Combined with our structured compliance framework, Dover Financial Advisers will continue to grow our numbers steadily with quality representatives through our thorough due diligence process.

The Dover Experience emphasises strict compliance with the Corporations Act 2001, and related regulations, and supporting its representatives in providing high quality, informed and competent financial product advice to their retail clients. This is supported by:
(i)    expert help with SOAs: we provide a portfolio of limited scope SOAs typically no more than five or six pages long that communicate efficiently with your client;
(ii)   our in-house solicitors will  write your SOA for you, to make sure it covers all technical issues and reads well as a piece of writing;
(iii)   technical back up from our compliance and legal teams;
(iv)  extensive training in practice development strategies, particularly SMSFs;
(v)  detailed compliance systems to help you run a better practice.

Dover encourages advisors to run their practices in line with their own business plans. Dover does not require you to recommend specific financial products or meet any minimum funds under management or sales quotas. You are free to run your practice they way you want to run your practice. Our sole interest is compliance.

Dover rebates 100% of all commissions and similar payments and does not have any ownership connection or other connection with any financial institutions. Dover's only source of revenue is its advisor fees. This means Dover does not have any conflicts of interest regarding financial product selection or the specific advice provided by advisors to retail clients. Dover believes a truly professional financial planning practice must be free of these actual and perceived conflicts of interest, and that the interests of clients must be paramount at all times.

Dover is based in Melbourne and is 100% owned by the McMasters' group of accountants and solicitors. McMasters has more than 100 professional staff and is Australia's largest accounting form specialising in doctors and dentists. You can learn more about McMasters at

The Dover Experience draws on the skills and experience of McMasters' professional staff to provide its representatives with the full range of back office services needed to run a comprehensive financial planning service, with a particular emphasis on the growing fee for service market. The Dover Experience establishes you as the principal advisor to your clients on all relevant business and financial issues. This includes legal support, technical superannuation support, particularly SMSF services, back office insurance services, tax planning services and the full suite of general business services needed by a modern financial planning practice.

Dover has extensive and intensive systems in place to ensure your statements of advice and related documents comply with all relevant laws and regulations. At the same time we emphasis easy to read plain English statements of advice, free of jargon and unnecessary complications, that allow your clients to make informed decisions about accepting your advice and acting on your recommendations.

Dover's emphasis on ASIC compliance means you have maximum protection from litigation and similar risks, and you are able to achieve "best practice" in all aspects of your professional life.

Dover is Australia wide

Dover is one of the largest non-institutionally owned AFSLs. It has more than 250 authorised representatives located right around Australia, ranging from large multi-person businesses to small part time practices. Some advisors are traditional financial planning practices, some are accounting practices that dabble in financial product advice and some are outside the mainstream, such as property consultants or other specialists.

Dover representatives know the Dover model is the future of financial planning in Australia.

Dover saves you money

Advisors pay $16,500 a year, plus GST, in equal monthly installments. The advisor keeps all commissions and does not have to pay a percentage of turnover or any similar cost to Dover. Discounts apply for larger groups: the second and further proper authorities are usually just $8,250 per advisor plus GST.

For example, a firm with four full time advisers pays only $41,250 a year plus GST. This is by far the best possible value in the market.

This is the only amount paid to Dover. Dover does not clip your income, and all commissions and similar payments are passed on to you 100%.

Dover SMSF only proper authorities

Dover offers accountants limited proper authorities to advise clients on SMSFs and related superannuation matters. The annual fee is just $3,000 per annum plus GST. There are no hidden charges and advisors can access the resources of one of Australia's largest SMSF administration services as well as Dover's specialist SMSF solicitors.

This special service is designed for accountants who practice in the SMSF space but who do not want the hassle and cost of a full proper authority from a full service AFSL.

The SMSF licence service is the same as our full service except that the advice is limited to superannuation including setting up and closing down self-managed superannuation funds, and certain general advice matters.

Dover increases the value of your practice

It's not unusual for a Dover representative to save fifty thousand dollars a year, every year, by joining the Dover group. These cost savings maximises practice value, and may compound into millions of dollars of savings over time. This is just the cost savings. The extra revenue from improved, more comprehensive, more objective and more professional client services makes a good thing even better.

The unique Dover Profit Improvement Program creates extra revenue and value in your practice and establishes you as the lead adviser to your clients.

The advisor agreement makes it clear you own your clients. Dover does not contact your clients directly unless this is needed to comply with the Corporations Act and related legislation and regulations.

Isn't it time you joined Dover?


Contact Peter Thompson on or Florence Tee on or 03 9583 6533 to learn more about how Dover can lower your costs, increase your revenue and create more value in your practice.

The next step is a meeting with Dover to discuss how Dover can save you money and help you develop your practice.
Dover supports you in transitioning your clients to the Dover model and handles all client transfers for you.

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