The Dover Group

Adviser Liaison Team

Peter Thompson

Hi, I’m Peter Thompson, Adviser Relations Manager at Dover. My main role is speaking with prospective advisers to help guide them through the often confusing process in deciding upon a suitable dealer group. I also strive to develop key relationships with various industry BDMs to deliver flexible solutions with respect to software, research and investment models. When I am away from the office, I enjoy getting outdoors to swim, bike and run!

petert@dover.com.au 03 8516 5353

Florence Tee

Hi my name is Florence. I started my career in accounting and finance in 2007 and have grown to be a trusted accountant & financial planner. At Dover, I handle adviser relations matters, sometimes taking care of their compliance needs and also working with new and prospective advisers in learning more about Dover as a dealer group. 

Outside of Dover, I like to do a bit of running, yoga, scuba diving and and enjoy reading good books.

florence@dover.com.au 03 8516 5352

IT and Marketing Team

Wilbert Chhua

Hello, my name is Wilbert. I am the IT manager at Dover. I started my professional career in business advisory at McMasters’ Accountants (a related firm to Dover) after having graduated from Monash with a commerce and a business information system degrees. I later found my passion in applying IT strategies and implementations to business requirements for Dover. Part of my role is developing ideas to bring about new business opportunities to the Dover Group. Outside of work, I go for a jog and a quick swim.

wilbert@dover.com.au 03 8516 5351

Jonathan Hayward

After initially studying art and design I have spent fifteen years working as a graphic designer. As a mature age student I completed a Bachelor of Arts Internet Communications degree. I am currently working on post graduate studies in marketing.

I enjoy anything to do with the water, particularly swimming and surfing. When I find some spare time I enjoy reading and cooking.

jon@dover.com.au 03 8516 5360

Terry McMaster

Responsible Manager

Responsible Manager

I am Terry McMaster. I am the responsible manager at Dover and I am responsible for ensuring Dover complies with the Corporations Act and other relevant legislation, and making sure our advisers provide clear, concise and effective advice that is in the client’s best interests and is appropriate to the client. I practice as a solicitor, an accountant and a financial planner, and have done so for more than thirty years. I have a wide background in commercial law, particularly revenue law and superannuation. I also do a lot of estate planning work.

I am lucky enough to live in Black Rock, so I walk to work every day.  I am married to Simone, have three adult or near adult children, and spend most of my spare time training for long distance triathlons. I particularly enjoy helping advisers with client strategies and seeing advisers grow and develop over the years.

terry@dover.com.au 03 8516 5363 Profile