Not being consistent with font-size and colour

This is a common error. Actually, it is usually the result of a series of common errors.

The basic idea is that the same font, size and colour should be used to present all comparable material. Changes in font, size or colour should then be used for things like headings, or break out paragraphs, etc.

Here is an example of what we sometimes see:

We are delighted to provide this Statement of Advice to you, Shirley . We hope that it meets with your approval. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to explain any part of our advice.

This looks terrible. The automatic insertion of the name in what is otherwise a template is a common culprit. The problem here is often that the template SOA is added to over time, with each new addition bringing with it a different format for the text.

Something like the following is a good use of varying fonts, font sizes and colour:

Upfront Fees

Fee Value
Preparation of Statement of Advice $2,250


Implementation Fees Value
Investments and insurance $400
Drawing up a will $200

Ongoing Fees

Fees Value
Meetings and email support as required; assistance with property purchase process and organising a binding financial agreement; education so that you feel comfortable managing your finances.

$250 per month
(no contract period; this can be reviewed on request)

(All fees are GST free.)

Each of the variations makes sense. The headings are in bold, a different font and a larger size. This makes sense given the purpose of the heading: to separate one section from the next. The colours of the text are changed slightly to better contrast against the coloured background that has been chosen.

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