Using hyperlinks that go on forever

Hyperlinks don’t have to contain the URL address that has been pasted from the browser. Instead, any text can be converted into a hyperlink. Consider the following example, where an adviser wants to include a hyperlink to a Vanguard PDS. They could use the entire url:

Or, they could use text instead:

Both of these links will go to the same web address (try it now and see).

To convert normal text to a hyperlink, using Microsoft Word, do the following:

  1. Start typing the words that you want to hyperlink (e.g. Vanguard PDS);
  2. Select those words and right-click;
  3. Click Hyperlink;
  4. In the Address box (just above the OK button), paste the internet link (e.g.;
  5. Click OK.

If that does not make sense, either find a teenager or contact us at Dover (Wilbert is our go-to man for all things computer).

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