Create a great website

Clients like websites. Spend some time looking around. See what the best financial planning websites are like. Pinch the best ideas and make them better.

Content is king. Make sure the casual reader picks up your philosophy and attitude on first contact. The home page should tell your story and what you can do to create value for your client.

You do not have to create all the content yourself, you can just link it in, take your clients to good sources of information and share it with them.

A good example is Trish Power’s website. It’s the best SMSF website around. And it has a free client newsletter: Subscribe here. Link and others like it in other areas of financial planning and encourage your clients to subscribe to it.

There is no point reinventing wheels. Your clients don’t expect you to, and will appreciate your professionalism in sharing value creating resources. The more information you can provide your clients the more they will use your services.

The Dover Group