Create a homogenous client base

Think about who your ideal clients are. Where do they live? Where do they work? Where do they play? Be there. Present to them. E-mail them. Advertise to them.

A homogenous client base is an efficient and profitable client base. A homogenous client base lends itself to standardisation and systemisation. You can create a strategy faster and more efficiently, charge less and make more profit. What takes someone else two days takes you two hours. You have done it before and you are not reinventing another wheel.

Create a set of say twenty template SOAs showcasing your strategies. Pick one out, insert your client’s details. Then spend a few hours making a good thing even better by carefully personalising and extending the original template.

Make your SOA sing. Include links to third party materials to increase the information content.

Get a colleague to run an eye over your draft. Are you missing something? Is there another good idea out there that will work for your client? Find it and get it into your SOA.

Create a strategy checklist. Ask “does this work here?” Does this fit my client? Is there something else I can add to my SOA in that will create more value for my client? How can I make my advice even more in my client’s best interests and even more appropriate to my client?

How can I be better?

Talk to your clients every week

Or at least communicate with them.

Talk is not cheap. Talk takes time and time is money. But e-mails are cheap. It takes the same amount of time to e-mail one person as it does one hundred. Or one thousand. So use your e-mail. Often, or at least once a week.

Read a great article? Say, a salient summary of how simple super is? Create a hyper-text link, pen a short summary and send it to your clients and your potential clients. (You have a potential client list, don’t you? It’s an e-mail list of persons who might become clients. If you don’t your competitors will.)

No client will complain. Some clients will read it, and heed it. All clients will appreciate the thought. A few clients will ring and come in for a meeting.

Do this once a week. Make it a professional discipline to identify and disseminate at least one relevant piece of writing to each client. It’s the simplest and easiest way to keep in touch with and in front of your clients.

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