What should risk advisers do now?

The Trowbridge Report’s reforms are done and dusted. Treasury has made its decision, cut commissions and given ASIC the power to determine future commissions.

No matter how unappreciative you may be, there is nothing you can do to stop it. You have to accept this and adapt your business to this new reality.

This need to accept the changes and adapt to them was discussed in an article published on 5 November 2015 by Glenn Freeman in Professional Planner that you can read here: Don’t look now, but peace may have broken out in Risk-land.

Without adaptation evolution leads to extinction. Nothing is more certain.

If you want to prosper you need to accept the changes and adapt to them. You need to change. You have to anticipate what is coming and set your sails accordingly.

You have to create a strategies based practice. Don’t be a dodo. Start now. Dover can help you do this. We have been doing it for more than thirty years.

The following pages explain how.

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