Social Responsibility

101 Goats Named Terry

Dover-Goats-TerryIn 2015, during our series of National Training Days, we offered to purchase a goat from Oxfam for every error that participants found in our overhead slides. These errors had been strategically hidden among the text and eagle-eyed advisers took great joy in pointing them out to us.

This is an advanced teaching technique designed to give us an excuse when we make a typo keep participants alert and engaged.

We are very pleased to announce that we could not actually be bothered keeping count of the errors that people found, and decided simply to round the figure up to 101.

In keeping with our preference for all things strategic, we decided that the best way to buy the goats was in family lots of four. We bought 25 families of four, and one extra. Altogether, 101.

Given the source of the errors, and notwithstanding that they are related to each other, all of the goats have been named Terry. (The nanny goats spell it Teri.)

We are telling Terry that ‘Terry the GOAT’ really stands for ‘Terry the Greatest of all Time.’ He looks pretty pleased with himself, all things considered.

In the interest of accountability, you can view the invoice for the goats here. We are not sure what to make of the fact that Oxfam states that most of its products are handmade.

The good people of Mozambique are looking forward to meeting 101 Goats Named Terry in the very near future.

In all seriousness, the work of OXFAM is incredibly important and we are very pleased to have been able to help out just a little.

The Dover Group