RODO – SOA Generation Tool

Welcome to RODO. RODO stands for Robo at Dover. We think it is kind of cool.

RODO generates risk insurance and superannuation SOAs. RODO lets you prepare a professionally-written SOA in just a few minutes.  

The tool removes the need to create ‘free text’ every time you prepare an SOA. For example, if you are completing a risk insurance SOA, you simply input details like a client’s name and contact details, assets and liabilities, and the recommended amounts insured. You then use a series of drop down menus to select variables such as the type of cover required and the reason/s why that cover is being recommended for this client.

The same process is there for superannuation SOAs as well.

RODO also makes the compliance review of your SOA much more efficient. Because we have prepared the disclosure material ourselves, we need only to review the type and amount of recommended cover to assess the appropriateness of the advice for a given client.

RODO writes up your advice for you – but we would never use technology to choose the advice in the first place. Choosing the right advice is a job for a thinking, breathing, human adviser. Before you use the tool to generate an SOA, simply do the following:

  1. Meet with your client and competed a fact finder (online fact finder is now available);
  2. Discuss and agree the desired amount and type of insurance with your client;
  3. Obtain quotes for this type and amount of cover;
  4. Discuss and agree the specific policy to be recommended to your client; and
  5. Scan or save the fact finder, quotes and the SOA checklist ready for uploading.

To see how RODO works in real time, simply watch one of the videos below. The five minute video on the left shows an actual user writing an actual SOA – in five minutes. The twenty minute video on the right shows an actual user using RODO, as well as arranging quotes and conducting a needs analysis. The videos show just how efficient the RODO tool will make you.

Short Demo

Full Demo

Dover’s Online Fact Finder

Collecting client data via a paper fact finder and then entering them into your system is a lengthy process. To streamline this process, Dover has developed its own online fact finder to make the process of generating a RODO SOA even more efficient. You can see a sample of this fact finder fully integrated into one of our adviser’s websites here.

Your clients input their personal detail and financial information themselves, submit and the data will then be available in your account waiting to be transferred directly to RODO. This saves you time, reduces data entry error and improves demonstrated compliance.

Speak to us about how you can make use of Dover’s online fact finder and integrate it to your website.

See the online fact finder and the seamless transfer of client information into your SOA in action here:

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