Adviser Services

Dover’s commitment to our advisors does not end with outstanding compliance services. We provide a host of other services that enable you to position yourself as your client’s preferred adviser on all things financial and/or legal. This lets you offer a comprehensive service to your clients – and removes any threat of your client being poached or otherwise treated inappropriately by people to whom you refer them.

Legal Services

Our relationship with MLA Lawyers allows you to provide legal and estate planning services to your clients. Because you retain the pivotal client contact role, MLA Lawyers can provide legal services at a fraction of the cost typically charged for legal work. MLA Lawyers can also provide expert opinions about all aspects of your clients’ estate planning presentations. MLA Lawyers perform and document all aspects of the estate planning work that must only be done by a qualified legal practitioner – allowing you to wrap your own services around these legal services.

In addition, MLA Lawyers can assist your clients with claims on their life insurances or in taking appropriate action against former advisers whose services have been negligent or otherwise inappropriate.


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Paraplanning Service

Simple Paraplanning is our SOA generation service. For a low fee, you can have statements of advice prepared by qualified financial advisers who can also help you to devise an appropriate strategy for your clients. Simple Paraplanning allows you to save time by taking on the burden of writing compliant, comprehensive yet concise statements of advice.


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Legal Documents Creation

All Dover advisers enjoy access to Dover LegalEdocs, Australia’s premier online document creation system. Dover LegalEDocs is internet based, meaning that its prices are very competitive. This means that most of the benefit of servicing clients goes to the adviser, where it belongs.

All Dover advisers receives complimentary trust and SMSF set ups, using a simple system of payment and rebate. Some Dover advisers use this service so frequently that they save more each month than they pay to Dover in licensing fees. Simply joining Dover has made their practice profitable!


SMSF Administration Services

Our SMSF administration services allow you to be the point of contact between your client and fully qualified CPA accountants who can perform all aspects of administration and audit for your clients SMSFs.


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