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Dover Online CPD provides high quality, thought-provoking CPD that encourages advisers to think more deeply about their work. Our CPD is product-free and developed internally here at Dover. It is delivered online to maximise accessibility for all users.

Dover takes a deliberately ‘low-frills’ approach to our CPD. Our aim is for advisers to think more critically and to understand that their over-riding responsibility is to make their clients better off. Where possible, we make use of freely available resources that nevertheless meet our standard in terms of quality and client-centredness. This low-frills approach allows us to avoid reliance on any third parties to ‘sponsor’ or otherwise influence the material presented to our audience.

Dover Online CPD is compulsory for all Dover advisers. However, non-Dover advisers are also welcome to participate and are encouraged to do so.

A key theme of Dover’s Online CPD for 2018 is for advisers to develop ways to help their clients minimise the cost of financial management. Advisers who assist clients to minimise costs add lasting value to those clients’ situation. This value is magnified in periods of low market returns and/or declining real wages, both of which place cost of living pressures on clients and their households. Accordingly, advisers who wish to thrive in the post-LIF environment, in which the cost of advice is increasingly borne directly by the client, need to ensure that they can add value to their clients in both good years and bad.

Please enjoy our online CPD offering for 2018. We always welcome feedback, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is any aspect of the training that you would like to discuss.

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