Dover Online CPD

Dover provides regular in-house accredited on-line strategy based CPD (Dover CPD).

Dover  CPD comprises ten monthly two-hour training modules, running from February to November.

The FPA credits members with 20 hours of  CPD, ie two hours per module, for completing Dover CPD in 2017.

Dover CPD is free and is available to all advisers – the training is not limited to Dover advisers. 

For more information and frequently asked questions about Dover Online CPD, please read the “General Information” section below.



General Information About Dover Online CPD for Dover Advisers

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Training Content

The content of Dover Online CPD for 2016 focuses on ten ‘sweet spots’ in strategic financial planning. The schedule for training is as follows:

February 2017

Compliance – RG175

March 2017


April 2017

The Life Insurance Framework

May 2017

Income Protection Insurance

June 2017

Opening and closing an SMSF

July 2017

Taxation and superannuation

August 2017

Creating a business plan

September 2017

Estate Planning

October 2017

Inter-Generational Financial Planning

November 2017

Professional Communication

Each of these areas lends itself to the development and implementation of strategic financial advice that solves real client problems.

Training Plan

As you know, RG 146 requires Dover to implement a training plan for each of our advisers. Your training plan for 2017 is to participate in Dover Online CPD.

Participation in Dover Online CPD is therefore obligatory for authorised representatives of Dover Financial Advisers. All Dover advisers need to complete the assessment tasks prior to the end of 2017. By doing so, they will automatically meet their obligations under their training plan for that year.

We are aware that some advisers restrict their advice to one area of financial services, such as risk insurances, and may not wish to undergo training in the other ‘sweet spots.’ However, those advisers will still benefit from having a broad knowledge of financial services. This will be particularly the case as commissions are reduced in coming years. In addition, all advisers need to undertake CPD from somewhere, even if they do provide a limited range of services. The ease with which advisers can access Dover Online CPD will still make this training the simplest way for all advisers to meet their CPD obligations. For these reasons, all Dover advisers are requested to participate in Dover Online CPD.

What you will need

All you need to participate in Dover Online CPD is access to the Dover website. It looks like you have it! 


Dover Online CPD will be assessed. Assessment is the easiest way to record participation in the training.

The assessment tasks are not onerous. Each module will ask advisers to complete ten multiple choice questions via an online quiz. Successful completion of the module will require that at least 80% of the questions be answered correctly. Advisers may make three attempts to complete each quiz. If you do not complete the quiz successfully in your first three attempts, you will be contacted by us to discuss the content of that particular module.

Assessment results will be automatically-recorded by Dover. This record will prove your participation in two hours of accredited CPD for each module.

By the end of the calendar year, you will have completed ten assessment quizzes. This will confirm that you have completed 20 hours of CPD.

Modules will be released for each month between February and November. The assessment quizzes do not have to be answered in the month of release; they will remain available online until 31 December 2017. 


Certificates of participation will be provided as electronic documents following the completion of each quiz. Each certificate will show participation in two hours of training. By the end of 2017, advisers who have completed ten quizzes will have ten certificates that together certify 20 hours of CPD.

Accessing Online CPD

Dover advisers participate in the training via the Adviser Portal section of Links will become available in February 2017.  

Training materials, including the assessment quizzes, will be released as a group at the commencement of the year. Each module relates to a particular month. Assessment tasks do not need to be completed in the month of release. Participants do need to complete the assessment tasks before the end of the calendar year. That said, participants are strongly encouraged to complete the training on (at least) a month-by-month basis. The more diligent are welcome to complete modules prior to the relevant month. 

Other Training from Dover in 2017

Following on from the outstanding success of our National Training Days in 2016, Dover will again be providing FPA Accredited Training Days in 2017. The 2016 days led to 5 CPD points each day. This will be the case again in 2017. 

Our plan at this stage is to run two separate training days in 2017. These would constitute 5 hours each. This would mean that our advisers receive 30 hours of accredited CPD in-house: 20 hours via Dover Online CPD and ten hours via face-to-face National Training Days.

Find out more about the 2017 Dover Training Days.

This training will have all been provided at no extra cost.

Other Training

As ever, all Dover Advisers are supported and encouraged to arrange additional CPD on their own behalf. Reputable providers are not hard to find. 

Advisers will be able to ‘upload’ copies of certificates obtained from other providers, allowing you to inform Dover of this extra CPD that you have completed.

Advisers Commencing after February 2017

Advisers commencing after February 2017 are welcome to participate in the full Dover Online CPD for the year. They can access the training via the adviser portal.

Alternatively, advisers commencing after February 2017 may choose to complete only those modules that are delivered after their commencement. For example, an adviser commencing on 1 July 2017 will be asked to complete the modules for August, September, October and November 2017.

Advisers Leaving Dover During 2017

Advisers who leave Dover during 2017 will have received certificates recording those modules that have been completed prior to their departure. For example, an adviser who has completed the February module, and who leaves Dover in March 2017, will have received a certificate attesting to the completion of two hours of accredited CPD (the module for February). This certificate will have been sent to the adviser when they completed the February module. 


Advisers who are members of the following professional organisations should receive accreditation for their participation in Dover Online CPD as follows:

Member body




Financial Planning Association

20 Hours

Accreditation number 008707

Association of Financial Advisers

20 Hours

The AFA does not require training to be accredited by them. Instead, they require members to meet their RG 146 obligations.

Members should use the allocation between learning areas as per FPA’s breakdown.

Tax Practitioners Board

Adviser Discretion

The TPB will allow Dover advisers who are also members to claim points for their participation. Members must exercise their own discretion as to the number of hours of Dover Online CPD that are relevant to their tax practice. 

SMSF Association

At this stage, the training is classed as ‘Non-SMSF Association Accredited.’ We estimate that between 4 and 8 hours of Dover Online CPD will be relevant to SMSFSs specifically.

The SMSF Association has two levels of CPD: that which has been accredited by the Association, and that which has not.


Members may claim up to 60 hours of non-accredited training in any triennium.

CPA Australia

Adviser discretion

CPA Australia will allow Dover advisers who are also members to claim points for their participation. Members must exercise their own discretion as to the number of hours of Dover Online CPD that are relevant to their accounting practice.


You will receive a notification email in early February 2017 containing everything that you need to commence with Dover Online CPD.

Further Information

Please direct any and all inquiries regarding Dover Online CPD to Adrian McMaster, Training Manager, at

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