About Dover

2014-Top100-DealerGroup-LogoDover is one of Australia’s largest privately owned AFSLs. We were recognised as the top privately owned dealer group in 2014 by Money Management Magazine.

Dover has more than 400 advisers around Australia, and is estimated to have $3 billion of funds under management.

Privately owned

Dover is 100% privately owned and does not have any connections to any financial institutions. Dover does not receive any income from any person other its advisers. This means its advisers’ SOAs are truly free of institutional bias and in the clients’ best interests at all times.

Compliance and conservatism

Dover emphasizes compliance. Dover is all about compliance. Every SOA is read by legally qualified staff and is certified by Dover’s legal team.

Dover emphasizes short, effective, concise and effective SOAs, in line with ASIC’s requirements as stated in part D of RG 175 and elsewhere, that can be read and understood by clients, and which can be produced efficiently by advisers.

Dover emphasizes conservatism, and requires your reasons for not being conservative to be set out in your SOA, with particular reference to your client’s age, income, wealth level, education, training, occupation and prior investment experience. Your SOA has to speak for itself, and explain to your client the reasons for your advice so your client can decide to act on it.

Financial strategies, not products

Dover encourages advisers to recommend businesses, properties, direct shares, SMSFs, index funds and industry super funds. Your clients want advice on these options, and Dover encourages you to provide this advice. Managed funds are just a small part of what we do for our clients.

Dover is about financial strategies, not just financial products.

Dover SOAs include client obligations as terms and conditions of the adviser client contract. Clients are treated as responsible and intelligent adults and the onus is on them to take care and be diligent in the adviser client relationship. This means they are responsible for cyber-security, SOA follow up and seeking further advice if their circumstances change.

Client’s best interests

Dover is all about making sure your advice is in your client’s best interests and appropriate to your client, and minimizing risk for both you and your client.

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