Dover Ethics

Dover Financial Advisers Pty Ltd, its directors and staff and each adviser (“Dover”) are actively committed to a code of ethics designed to achieve best practice in financial planning by emphasising the rights and entitlements of Dover clients at all times.

Observing a formal code of ethics is a mark of a professional person. The Dover code of ethics includes compliance with the Corporations Act, ASIC’s regulatory guidelines and similar laws, and extends to a more demanding code of behaviour designed to enhance the standing and perception of Dover with the public and within the financial planning profession.

“Dover Ethics” is part of each Dover adviser’s contract and is an essential part of each adviser’s practice philosophy.

Dover’s Client Protection Policy

Dover advisers will observe Dover’s Client Protection Policy at all times and accept it as part of the conditions of every client contract.

Dover advisers will do all things necessary to ensure the best possible results for each client at all times.

Dover advisers will not place themselves in a position where it has an undisclosed or unresolved conflict of interest.

Dover advisers will ensure its advice is reasonable and appropriate to the client at all times.

Dover advisers will always act in the client’s best interests.

Dover advisers will always provide a clear and prominent warning on the limits of their authority from Dover before providing a financial service to their client.

Integrity and fairness

Dover advisers exemplify integrity and fairness in their client relationships.

Dover advisers accepts the trust placed in it by clients, and will honour that trust in all dealings with clients by displaying integrity, fairness, honesty, candour and personal integrity at all times.

Dover  advisers will not do, or fail to do, anything that will breach Dover’s Client Protection Policy.

Dover advisers will show professional courtesy and respect to all clients, other professional advisers, professional bodies and regulatory authorities at all times, and do all things necessary to maintain and improve the status and standing of financial planning as a profession.

Dover advisers observe all laws and regulations applying to financial planning and in particular the financial planning process and the preparation of statements of advice and similar documents for clients.

Confidentiality and privacy

All Dover client information will be secure and access controlled in accordance with professional standards of complete confidentiality and privacy laws and regulations.

All Dover advisers will provide copies of statements of advice, fact finders and related documents to Dover to allow it to satisfy the requirements of section 912A of the Corporations Act and ASIC’s requirements regarding the retention of financial advice records.

Knowledge standards

Dover advisers commit to a high standard of continuing professional education and training including private reading and research, regular attendance at technical and professional training and constant study of the Corporations Act rules and regulations concerning the financial planning process and related fields.

Dover advisers commit to an on-going process of self-improvement in the preparation and delivery of financial services to clients.

Dover advisers have agreed that their on-going professional education and training, including their formal training plans, provided by Dover have been assessed as relevant to their individual practices and the needs of their clients.

Dover advisers have agreed to follow the training plans provided to them by Dover without any further affirmation and have agreed that these plans are relevant to their practices and the particular financial services they provide to their clients. Dover advisers have reviewed these plans and agree that they are relevant to their practices. 

Dover advisers affirm that they have read and understood the Dover Compliance Manual and Adviser Handbook and have agreed to observe and be bound by all processes and procedures contained in it. This includes client complaint procedures and breach reporting procedures. Dover advisers agree that it is a condition of their contract with Dover to observe all the requirements set out in the Dover Compliance Manual and Adviser Handbook.

Dover advisers affirm that they research all recommended financial products and comply with the Dover Guide to Effective Statements of Advice, ASIC Regulatory Guideline 175, other ASIC guidelines and  the Corporations Act when preparing statements of advice and similar client advice communications.

Dover advisers affirm that they have read and understood all written communications provided to them by Dover and will comply with Dover’s requirements regarding professional standards and the conduct of their practices.

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