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  • Dover emphasizes ASIC compliance but goes beyond this to provide you with as much technical, marketing and practice development support as you need.

    Our legal team can take away the responsibility of drafting statements of advice from you, freeing you up for value adding activities and practice development.

    Our legal team offers technical support and services. We can back office your insurance services for you. We provide extensive compliance support and training. Our tax consultants are here to help you too.

    We can provide you with the technical support you need to maximize the service you provide to your clients. We doubt you will find this depth anywhere else.

  • Dover is part of an efficient and well resourced financial services group. We do not employ large teams on large salaries to market unnecessary services to you. We stay lean and focussed on what we do best. This allows us to minimise our costs and maintain maximum value for our advisers.

  • Dover does not get paid by anyone else. Dover is not paid by anyone other than its advisers. This means Dover’s advisers can provide truly objective advice to their clients without any institutional controls or biases.

    Dover does not have a financial interest in the outcome of its advisers’ clients’ decisions and can focus on compliance without any conflict of interest. This means the clients’ best interests are respected at all times.

  • Dover’s annual CPD days emphasise both technical compliance issues and creative ways for you to provide better services to your clients, at the same time increasing your profits and market value.

    Dover’s annual CPD days also emphasise transitioning to the fee for service model and developing new business models and revenue streams independent of products.

  • Dover has significant insurance in line with ASIC’s requirements.

  • You keep 100% of your commissions.

    Dover does not keep any commissions. All commissions are paid on to you within two weeks of receipt by Dover. Dover does not clip your income.

  • Absolutely. Dover helps you grow your business.

    We have real life practical experience setting up and running successful financial planning, accounting and legal practices. We know what we are doing and have done it before. We can help you grow and develop your practice too, particularly under the new “no commissions” environment applying from 1 July 2013 on.

    Our principals have extensive experience in creating and developing financial services businesses and is available to help you make the most of your practice.

  • Dover uses the BT margin lending list as its approved product list, as well as most well known cash based investments and industry and managed superannuation funds – All life insurance companies are also available.

    Dover looks at financial products not on the BT margin lending on a case by case basis on the request of individual representatives.

    Dover also adds additional products to the APL for individual advisers on request: conditions apply, but we do out best to help you provide the best possible service to your clients.

    BT Margin Lending – Approved Listed Securities

    BT Margin Lending – Approved Securities List – Managed Funds

  • No. You do not have to use any specific platforms and you may use whichever platform or platforms you prefer, or none at all. Its your choice.

  • No. You do not have to use specific SOA preparation programs. In fact we prefer you do not use any SOA programs because they generally lack the professionalism and insight to meet Dover’s standards. 

    Dover has a library of precedent SOAs and these are available to you at no extra cost. Dover can also prepare SOAs for you, saving you time and money and making sure compliance standards are achieved.

  • Yes. The Dover model suits fee for service billing. In fact our largest representatives have used the fee for service billing model for years.

  • You can charge your clients how you want to charge your clients.

    Dover allows you to negotiate your remuneration with your clients as you see fit.

    Our only requirement is for you to comply with ASIC’s compliance rules at all times.

  • Dover does not push products. Dover is one of the few truly product neutral AFSLs in Australia.

    There is no pressure whatsoever to recommend any particular product or brand. And Dover does not benefit from any decision you make: there are no unethical relationships between any financial institutions and Dover.

    This means you can run your practice the way you want to run your practice without any inappropriate interference.

    Dover is not owned by a financial institution. Therefore it is free of institutional bias and does not push products on its clients.

  • We are software agnostic enabling you to use the software and research tools which best suit your business. Dover has negotiated attractive rates with all the major companies.

  • No. We encourage your branding and colours, always. The only requirement is that Dover is disclosed as the licensee when absolutely necessary.

  • Yes. Dover will help you change over from your current AFSL.

    We have done this many times and we have a team of staff trained to help you transition easily.

    Our experienced administrative team helps each new adviser transition their clients over from their old dealer group, and generally makes sure all goes smoothly. We do it al the time and have become quite good at it.

  • Dover emphasizes ASIC compliance and has a number of audit and compliance programs in place,

    A feature of the Dover experience is a quality check on every statement of advice prepared by each advisor, which means you get immediate feedback on compliance issues before the advice process is completed. 

    Dover has a committed compliance and audit team who are not involved in other Dover activities and who are there to make sure you get your compliance right each time.

  • Dover has a team of expert solicitors who can help you satisfy all relevant legal requirements as well as achieve best industry practice in presentation and technical skill and competency. Our team are expert financial planners in their own right and each have more than two years intensive experience with complex statements of advice for high wealth clients with demanding and varied needs. They are all accountants or law graduates, many have Masters degree and all are either qualified CPA or CAs.

    The Dover Experience allows our para-planning statements of advice to cover all relevant investment and business issues effecting your clients. This includes insurances, investments, property, business structures, estate planning, legal issues, and superannuation particularly self-managed superannuation funds. The Dover Experience increases the depth and understanding of your SOAs and presents you as the primary adviser to your clients on all relevant issues.
    The Dover para-planning service is supervised by experienced and expert solicitors and financial planners to ensure each SOA, FSOA or ROA is fully compliant with all Corporations Act 2001 and ASIC requirements.

  • We use Revex for reporting on revenue received from product providers. Revex charges $$300 plus GST pa per user (per adviser). Revex is useful for downloading pay reports, managing your client database, creating client fee invoices and managing debtors, and creating fee disclosure statements. If you prefer not to have access to Revex for these purposes, please let us know.

  • Any one of our Adviser Liaison team will be more than happy to assist you.

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