Dover Helps Financial Advisers

How Dover helps you

Dover encourages advisers to run their practices in line with their own business plans. Dover does not require you to recommend specific financial products or meet any minimum funds under management or sales quotas. You are free to run your practice the way you want to run your practice. Our sole interest is compliance.

Dover encourages advisers to prepare statements of advice that deal with the wide range of issues facing clients, not just financial products. Dover emphasises SOAs that place the adviser at the centre of the client’s affairs with a need for on-going advice and assistance over the client’s financial life. We encourage you to discuss issues such as home ownership, buying or starting a business, tax planning, investing in the home, negative gearing, debt management, self-managed superannuation, direct shares, home improvements, life coaching and estate planning. Whatever is in your client’s best interests.

Dover is not connected to any financial institutions. This means Dover is truly product neutral and free of institutional bias. Dover does not tell advisers how to run their practices. Dover lets you run your practice the way you believe is best for your clients.

Dover has industry leading systems in place to ensure SOAs meet ASIC’s requirements, are in your client’s best interests and are appropriate to your client. Dover emphasises short, easy to read SOAs that allow your client to make an informed decision about accepting your advice and acting on your recommendations.

Dover has a culture of compliance and involves advisers in all aspects of its ASIC compliance program, from its detailed Combined Adviser Handbook and Compliance Manual to weekly up-dates on practical compliance matters. Every SOA is reviewed by our legal team, and every contentious SOA is reviewed before it goes to your client. Dover’s solicitors can even write your SOA for you. Dover’s emphasis on ASIC compliance means you have maximum protection from litigation and similar risks, and can achieve “best practice” in all aspects of your professional life.

Dover saves you money, and you don’t have to pay for 12 months!

From 1 May 2015 all Dover advisers and new advisers are enjoying a permanent twelve month interest free payment holiday. The May 2015 tax invoice is not payable until May 2016, the June 2015 tax invoice is not payable until June 2016, and so on in perpetuity. This allows all advisers to use their working capital to grow their businesses. The monthly fee notes are incurred, so they are still deductible for tax purposes even though they will not be paid until a later tax year. Advisers on the GST accruals method can claim a GST credit even though the invoice is not paid (but we recommend you check with your tax adviser).

This 12 month interest free period is another way Dover helps its advisers create great financial planning practices.

Advisers pay $17,500  a year, plus GST, in equal monthly installments, lagged by 12 months. The adviser keeps all commissions and does not have to pay a percentage of turnover or any similar cost to Dover. Discounts apply for larger groups: the second and further proper authorities are usually just $8,750 per adviser plus GST. The adviser fee is the only amount received by Dover. Dover does not clip your income, and all commissions and similar payments are passed on to you. This is an essential feature of the Dover model: Dover believes an AFSL should not have a financial interest in the outcome of its advisers’ clients’ decisions, and should be truly objective and free of conflicts of interest at all times.

Dover increases the value of your practice

It’s not unusual for an adviser to save more than fifty thousand dollars a year, every year, by joining Dover. This cost saving maximises practice value, and may compound into millions of dollars of savings over time. This is just the cost savings. The extra revenue from improved, more comprehensive, more objective and more professional client services makes a good thing even better.

The adviser agreement makes it clear you own your clients. Dover does not contact your clients unless this is needed to comply with the Corporations Act and related legislation and regulations.

Next step…

Start the conversation with one of our adviser managers to learn more about how Dover can lower your costs, increase your revenue and create more value in your practice. Dover provides full supports in transitioning your clients to the Dover model and handles all client transfers for you.

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