Dover’s Approach to Compliance

Dover has unique compliance processes.

Every Dover SOA is read by Dover’s legal team, and assessed for compliance. If for any reason your SOA is not 100% compliant you get immediate feedback, with suggestions for correction.

We classify SOAs into two categories: complex SOAs and simple SOAs.

Complex SOAs receive special attention and have to be approved before they are sent to your client. Advisers love this, because they know Dover’s compliance team have reviewed the advice and believe it is in the client’s best interests and appropriate to the client before it goes to the client. Dover’s review is supportive, and aims to make a good thing better. It’s really a free expert second opinion.

What is a complex SOA?

A complex SOA involves more than $500,000, debt, more than 40% international investments, a non-conservative product or a non-conservative client. Complex SOAs are reviewed by Dover’s legal team before they are sent to your client. It’s a bit strange at first, but new advisers typically love the confidence it creates. Smaller firms love the free second opinion.

What about para-planning?

Many advisers choose Dover’s Simple Paraplanning as a quick cheap and simple way of complying with Dover’s compliance processes. Legally trained staff prepare your SOA for you, and will add in extra ideas if asked to do so. This is a great service for smaller advisers who do not have on-site peer support.

SOA Review Process Diagram

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