MLA Lawyers

MLA Lawyers are registered legal practitioners that works with Dover Financial Advisers to provide specialised legal services to Dover advisers and to Dover advisers’ clients.

MLA Lawyers are the preferred legal provider of Dover Financial Advisers.

MLA Lawyers enables you to be the primary adviser to your clients on the wide range of issues affecting them.

MLA Lawyers allows you to be their trusted adviser on all financial matters, not just financial products.

For example, Dover encourages you to help your clients with their estate planning. You can discuss their wills, and what they should look like, but you cannot prepare the wills and the related documents. And you may be concerned that you have missed an opportunity or not identified a trap. This is where MLA Lawyers comes in: MLA Lawyers supports you in providing estate planning services to your clients. It is an estate planning technical resource and a will preparation service. You confer with the MLA Lawyers team and they run an eye, a supportive second opinion, over your advice to your client and then prepare the wills and related documents.

MLA Lawyers takes the risk out of estate planning and allows you to safely develop a whole new area of your practice. You can read about estate planning here: The Financial Planner as an Estate Planner. This manual was written by MLA Lawyers for Dover advisers as the first step in enabling them to provide quality estate planning services to their clients.

The same applies to other areas of law that financial planners are involved in. The list includes:

  • taxation advice
  • legal structures for businesses
  • legal structures for investments
  • business sales and purchases
  • asset protection strategies
  • advanced superannuation strategies particularly SMSF strategies
  • general SME legal services and advice

MLA Lawyers means you have an allied and friendly legal adviser on your team who respects the primacy of your relationship with your client, and who does not compete with you or try to refer your client to other financial planners and service providers.

MLA Lawyers means you can provide a much wider range of skills and services to your clients. This means your fees are higher, your profit is higher, your CGT free capital value is higher, your client satisfaction is higher and your professional satisfaction is higher. You win on every count.

What about your own legal matters?

MLA Lawyers can also help with your own legal matters. We specialise in professional practices and this includes setting up and taking down business structures including co-ownership structures, tax planning, asset protection strategies, and succession planning.


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