Dover Legal E Docs

Dover Legal E Docs is Australia’s premier online document creation system. 

Dover Legal E Docs and its antecedents have been setting up companies, SMSFs and trusts for Australian accountants, solicitors and financial planners for more than twenty years and are experts in this field.

Dover Legal E Docs also provides estate planning documents, co-ownership agreements, SMSF loan agreements and similar services.

Dover Legal E Docs is internet based and this means its prices are very competitive, leaving most of the profit with you, the advisers, where it belongs.

All Dover advisers receives complimentary trust and SMSF set ups. The process is simple: the Dover adviser orders a trust or SMSF from the LegalEDocs website, paying by credit card. The adviser then emails Dover to let us know and the amount paid is reimbursed.

Some advisers are setting up more than 10 SMSFs a month, and their cost saving is more than their monthly Dover fee. They are making a profit by being Dover advisers!

Dover Legal E Docs helps Dover advisers run better and more profitable and valuable practices. Another reason why Dover provides the best AFSL services in Australia.

You can visit the Dover Legal E Docs website here:

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