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“This [website] looks excellent and is very competitive.  I think that for me, the main motivation is that I haven’t spent more than 5 minutes on this whole change over.  You know my business, you know me, and you have displayed this.”

Before you meet them – in fact, before you even hear from them – you can be sure that your clients and potential clients will look you up online. It is crucial that they like what they see. 

For a professional services firm, this means providing a large amount of high quality content. Remember, clients are buying your expert knowledge and skill. So you simply must demonstrate that your knowledge and skill really is worth paying for. 

The problem, of course, is time. That is why increasingly our advisers are using Dover Media to manage their online presence.

Dover Media provides high quality digital marketing materials to advisers within the group. Our services include:

  • Website development, maintenance; and hosting;
  • Social media;
  • Video and animation production; and
  • Client communications, including
    • Emailing list development and maintenance; and
    • Newsletter preparation and management.

When you make use of Dover Media’s services you access the efforts of the entire Dover team. The Dover team combines to provide you with high quality web presence and client communications sent automatically, regularly and reliably. 

Getting Dover to do this for you lets you use your time as effectively as possible: servicing the clients that your online presence delivers to your door. 

There is no online developer who knows your business as well as we do. Dover is one of Australia’s largest AFSLs and we bring that knowledge to bear when we provide you with a web presence that you simply could not obtain anywhere else.  All of this is done using the same economies of scale that lets Dover provide the most cost-effective licencing arrangements available. What’s more, because compliance permeates everything that we do, you can be confident that your website meets all of your legal obligations as a provider of financial services. 


Website development

The first place to start when it comes to online presence is, of course, your website. Websites should be things of simplicity: easy to find, easy to look at and easy to navigate. They should also provide substantial high quality, well-written materials that demonstrate the intellect and expertise of your practice.  Websites should not tease your prospective client: they should satisfy that client and convince them that you really will be able to help them solve their problem. 

Too often, businesses spend enormous amounts of time and money developing uniquely formatted websites that look definitely look good. The problem, of course, is that your clients and prospective clients do not care whether the look of your site is absolutely unique. What they care about is whether your site solves their problem. 

At Dover, we have developed a suite of site templates that look great and that we know serve their truest purpose: to help visitors find the information they need. We offer you a choice from this range of templates, which can be viewed here:

You can view a sample website here, or view our range of ‘templates’ via these links:

As you can see from these templates, these templates advertise and promote your practice. They are not ‘Dover sites. References to Dover are restricted to only those areas where compliance dictates that the licencing arrangement must be detailed. In all other respects, the site is entirely yours and exists in the world to promote you and your activity. 

If you have an existing website, that is OK as well. Dover Media will simply reproduce that site and maintain it for you. 

Video animation

Dover Media provides a range of high quality video animations which explain and enhance key concepts in your client engagement process. The video animations are tailored to your practice, with your logos and contact details.

Dover Media is a silent partner. All videos are exhibited in your name only. Viewers will not know that you have outsourced this service.

You can view a range of our videos here.

Website Maintenance

Upon commencement, Dover Media populates your chosen website template with your specific information. We then maintain and update the site, including the automatic loading of fresh, detailed content on a regular basis. With no effort from you, your website remains fresh and current. It will be miles ahead of anything else in the marketplace. 

Best of all, that content has your name on it. You are it’s co-author. Your fellow co-author will be one or more of the team here at Dover. But the material will not say that: Dover’s co-authorship will not be mentioned at all. 

As well as the static pages on the site, there will be three dynamic sections that we regularly update. These are your blogs (written fortnightly), your newsletters (written monthly) and your ebooks (written periodically). 

Website hosting

Dover Media will manage your domain name registration and host your site on our own server. This makes it simple for Dover Media to seamlessly and inobtrusively update that site with new content. 

Mailing lists

Dover Media has a team of highly-trained staff who will develop and maintain an emailing list of at least 300 local small businesses in your area. These businesses constitute your potential client list. You own this list, but we manage it for you.

Each fortnight as a blog article is published, and monthly as a newsletter is released, we send the link to this publication to the entire mailing list. The email goes from your email address and automatically includes things like unsubscribe functions, etc.

Dover Media is a silent partner. All correspondence is sent under your name and your clients/potential clients will not know that you have outsourced this service.


Social media

Dover Media will establish and maintain profiles on each of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter for you if you do not already have one. We will then like, share and post on these page as if they were our own.


Perhaps the best part of Dover Media is that there are no set up costs. You start paying on the day your site goes live. How much you pay depends on how much you use. As of June 2016, pricing is as follows:






Base website



Choose from 10 templates. Limited customisation included. Minimum 6 month contract.

Blog articles



Fortnightly blog article written and uploaded to your website. You can also post your own articles – just email us your article and we’ll do the rest.

Monthly newsletter



Monthly newsletter in digital form uploaded to your website and emailed to your client list. Newsletter sign up form setup on your website.

Social media

(LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)



Broadcast your blog articles and newsletter to your social media platforms.

We setup your social profiles if you don’t have one.

All of the above package




Online interactive e-book



Choose from our range of financial service related e-books in interactive webpage format. We integrate it on your website for you.

PDF e-book



Choose from our range of financial service related e-books in PDF. We integrate it on your website for you.

Video explainer



Choose from our range of financial service related video explainers. We integrate it on your website for you.

Interactive/PDF e-books + video explainer pack




Other service not included above






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