About Dover SMSF Advisers

Dover Financial Advisers is one of Australia’s largest SMSF administrators and handles nearly 3,000 SMSF administrations each year, and this number just keeps growing and growing.

Dover SMSF Outsourcing provides experienced MBA and CPA accountants to Australian accounting firms at less than one third of the cost of Australian SMSF staff.

There is no payroll tax, superannuation, rent space, electricity or IT costs. You only pay for what you need, with staff availability tailored to your needs.

Dover SMSF Outsourcing is the most cost efficient way to build a SMSF administration practice within your financial planning practice.

Not surprisingly. Dover Financial Advisers encourages its advisers to recommend SMSFs and supports them every step in the way including:

  1. Sets the SMSF up for free, including the fund itself and its ABN and TFN;
  2. Provides SMSF documentation for free
  3. Has a team of in-house SMSF solicitors available for free
  4. Provides low cost SMSF audits and compliance services.

Every day Dover sets up SMSFs to invest in deposits, direct shares, business premises, geared residential property and index funds. It’s whatever best suits your client, depending on their financial profile and attitude to investing.

In a post FOFA fees for service world the key to developing a valuable practice is to provide services to clients. Don’t give your income stream to an institution. Develop it for yourself. Dover encourages you to do this, and SMSFs are a great way of providing new services.

Developing a SMSF administration practice within your practice is a great way to increase net cash flow and net profit and create valuable goodwill in your practice.

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