Dover SMSF Administration FAQs

  • Dover SMSF Outsourcing has forty specialist SMSF accountants in Vietnam.

    Each SMSF accountant is university qualified and has more than five years full time experience in accounting for Australian  SMSFs.

    The managers and supervisors hold MBAs from Melbourne’s Swinburne University or are fully qualified CPAs. 

    Our staff are expert in accounting for SMSFs. And they start at 100% efficiency. They are already experts in accounting for AustralianSMSFs. There is no on the job training. Most clients find our Vietnam team is more efficient and more experienced than the client’s Australian staff members.

    Our Vietnam SMSF team is highly motivated and they want to show you how good they are.

    Some of our clients have reduced their net costs by more than $300,000 a year. That goes straight to the bottom line, and means much higher net cash flow and much higher practice values.

  • Our Vietnam team handles all aspects of  your client’s SMSF accounting, audit and compliance work.

  • Dover SMSF Outsourcing allows you to create a new profit centre and cash flow centre within your practice. 

    SMSFs are set up for free, and then our Vietnam SMSF team does the rest for you. 

    You are the client contact, and the key person, and all  accounting and audit work is done by our Vietnam SMSF team. 

    This means you

    • significantly reduce your labor costs;
    • achieve a stable workforce;
    • save on training time, because there is no learning on the job;
    • access a better trained, qualified and experienced staff than you have now;
    • save on other operating costs such as rent, computers, recruitment costs, payroll tax, superannuation and electricity;
    • save recruiting fees;
    • save on sick leave;
    • grow your practice confident that you have the capacity to service your clients;
    • achieve better personal efficiency and life satisfaction as you are freed from your HR manager role and released to work with your clients;
    • improve client retention through staff stability/continuity and better client prices; and
    • achieve higher profits, net cash flow and practice valuations.


  • You contract with Dover. 

    All work is guaranteed by Dover. All work is insured, and Dover is a registered tax agent.

    On a day to day basis you deal with your Vietnam staff directly by telephone, Skype and e-mail. They become an integral part of your team. You are more than welcome to visit our Vietnam office to work with and train your team: this is actually the best way to get the most out of the relationship.


  • Click here to view our fee schedule

  • Our staff adjust to your systems, you do not adjust to theirs. They are competent in all popular accounting packages including: BGL Simple Fund, MYOB, Solution Six, Reckon, APS, Banklink, and Xero. If you use other packages we will train our staff in these packages at our cost.

    Dover can also allow you to migrate to its APS system, achieving even better efficiencies and lower costs. We have a team of IT and accounting experts who can help you make your practice more efficient.

    We stress the logistics are adjusted to meet your preferences, not ours. We work with you to get the most efficient system possible.

  • Dover SMSF Outsourcing has extensive security protocols designed to make your client information just as safe, if not safer, than it is now.

    There is no significant additional confidentiality risk connected to using Dover Accounting Outsourcing.

    You can discuss any particular concerns with our IT consultants.

  • It’s not an issue. Vietnam is three hours behind EST and this means questions asked at the close of business in Australia are normally answered by the start of business the next day.

    Our Vietnam staff like working over time and have no problem working weekends when the need arises. Their work ethic is superb. The time difference is not a problem.

  • Client perceptions are not a problem. Anyone in business knows you have to access the best quality inputs at the best possible price if you are to maximize efficiency.

    The cost savings are passed on to clients and they see how good the work is they will be converted!

    Your clients would think you inefficient if you are not outsourcing.

  • Dover SMSF Outsourcing can provide testimonials and references on request.

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