Part 01 – Introduction

The Dover Way is a unique resource designed to augment the training and knowledge of Dover’s advisers.

Financial planning is a profession. Its members are knowledge executives trained to help their clients maximize their financial fortunes and improve their quality of life.

Knowledge executives must draw on multiple sources of information and training.

Financial planning knowledge is about business advice, property advice, direct share advice, estate planning, superannuation strategies, tax planning, asset protection, debt management and retirement planning. Financial products manufactured by institutions have a role, but it is secondary to the real work done by professional financial planners.

The Dover Way shines a light on what a modern financial planner needs to know to prosper in the new professional environment.

The Dover Way is work in progress. It is constantly expanding and exploring new materials and thoughts to become even more relevant to professional financial planners.

The Dover Way stands alone as an autonomous financial planning resource, but it is also closely integrated into Dover’s unique strategies based professional training program.

We hope you benefit from the Dover Way.

The Dover Group