Chapter 01 – Introduction

Why property

Dover encourages its advisers to encourage their clients to invest in property. It defies belief that most AFSL specifically prohibit advisers from advising on property, unless it’s dressed up as a financial product. Property, particularly the family home, is the most valuable asset owned by most people, yet it does not get a mention in most statements of advice, even those which on their face claim to be comprehensive and all embracing, covering all aspects of a client’s financial profile.

Dover has always encouraged advisers to encourage clients to invest in property. It’s because we believe it is in your client’s best interests, and hence your best interests. It’s also because it is what clients want. There is a huge demand for quality property advice. This has been particularly the case since many clients lost confidence in equities during the GFC.

By the way, advising on property is a great way to grow your practice. Your clients will love it. It’s what they want. And in a fee for service environment it is what they are prepared to pay you for. Upgrades to the family home. New family homes. Homes for kids. City homes for country folk. Negative gearing strategies.

Advanced gearing strategies. Residential, office, retail, industrial and even farming properties all have a role to play.

If you want to make friends with your clients, show them a way to extend or renovate their home without incurring non-deductible debt. It’s often possible, and just takes a little care and skill in managing their finances.

If you want to keep your client show them how high tax bills can be reduced through safe and low risk gearing strategies.

If you want a twenty year relationship, with annual fees for annual services for each of those twenty years, get your clients started now on building a diversified property portfolio across all states and all property classes.

If you want to build a profitable, sustainable and valuable practice, take the time now to learn more about how property works and how property advisory services can help you to help your clients.

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