Chapter 01 – Introduction

Dover is dedicated to helping advisers develop the skills needed to run an estate planning advisory capacity as part of their financial planning practices. Dover believes financial planners should be their clients’ primary business adviser, with a broad knowledge of all relevant areas, and the capacity and inclination to bring in other specialist advisers including accountants and solicitors where appropriate. MLA Lawyers includes expert estate planning solicitors who can prepare wills and related documents for you at costs well below what you are used to paying.

Estate planning is one of the essential skills needed by financial planners in the new fee for service regime. To be relevant to clients under the new Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) regime financial planners must have the skills and experience to advise clients on the wide range of matters required by clients. Competency in estate planning is one of these areas.

Advisers are encouraged to read broadly on the topic of estate planning and to attend appropriate CPD and other on-going training services to maintain and improve their knowledge of this important area of practice. One manual cannot possibly cover all relevant ground. Further study, supported by active on the job training and experience, is highly recommended.

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