Introduction: making a good thing even better

Penning Friday’s Reflection has become my favorite job for the week.

They started off as a note on our compliance team’s experiences for that week. The idea was simple enough. If one adviser had made a mistake why not share that mistake with all advisers, to reduce the risk that it is made again and to improve everyone’s compliance knowledge.

Our advisers warmed to the idea and the feedback was very positive.

So we kept on doing it.

But the emphasis has changed. Sure, we still let all advisers know when compliance issues arise. But we have expanded the syllabus to include ways of making your client service delivery even better.

Fifty Friday Reflections includes all pieces up to December 2015.

Dover advisers are encouraged to regularly review Fifty Friday Reflections as a simple and quick way of refreshing their understanding of Dover’s compliance processes and practice preferences.

Other advisers are welcome too: hopefully perusing Fifty Friday Reflections will help explain how Dover is different and why it’s a better AFSL than the one they are with now.

The Dover Group