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Fifty ways financial planners can save tax

NEW Fifty ways financial planners can save tax

Tax is everywhere. It permeates everything a financial planner does. Getting the tax right can make or break an investment. Getting the tax right can make or break a financial planning practice.

50 Ways Financial Planners Can Save Tax is a practical case study based exposition of how financial planners can improve their own tax profiles. It draws on more than thirty years of practical tax assistance to explain practical steps you can take with your practice.

It also creates a checklist of tax ideas to help you help your own clients improve their tax profiles too.

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Fifty ideas to take your risk insurance practice from good to great


Fifty Ideas to Take Your
Risk Insurance Practice from Good to Great

This manual looks at the chain of events leading to the Federal Government’s decision in late 2015 to allow ASIC to cap commissions paid by insurers to advisers in connection with risk insurance policies.

The second part of this manual looks at what risk advisers have to do to adapt to their changing environment, including improving their systems, reducing the length, time and scope of their statements of advice, emphasizing strategies over product placement, and widening the range of services they provide to their clients.

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Fifty Friday Reflections


Fifty Friday Reflections

Friday’s Reflection started off as a note on our compliance team’s experiences for that week. The idea was simple enough. If one adviser had made a mistake why not share that mistake with all advisers, to reduce the risk that it is made again and to improve everyone’s compliance knowledge.

Dover advisers are encouraged to regularly review Fifty Friday Reflections as a simple and quick way of refreshing their understanding of Dover’s compliance processes and practice preferences.

Other advisers are welcome too: hopefully perusing Fifty Friday Reflections will help explain how Dover is different and why it’s a better AFSL than the one they are with now. 

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101 Things That Financial
Planning is Really About


101 Things That Financial Planning is Really About

Traditional ‘financial planning’ has been about selling insurance and/or managed funds, and precious little else. Dover’s ambition is to get rid of this silly limit. We want our clients to know that financial planning is not just about managed funds and life insurances.

This guide is another way to give voice to what we call the Dover Way. The Dover Way is our approach to strategic financial planning, where an adviser uses his or her skills and knowledge to help their clients solve the actual problems that they face.

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101 Common Mistakes in
Statement of Advice


101 Common Mistakes in Statement of Advice

The idea behind “101 Common Mistakes in Statements of Advice” is that, by seeing these common mistakes, advisers can avoid making them.

The mistakes are ones that we identify when running all of our adviser’s SOAs through our compliance checks. This guide is our way to try to provide feedback more broadly in the hope that we can save our advisers time by avoiding these mistakes in the first place. It is our way of telling our advisers where their advice are likely to die, so that they can make sure they never go there.

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