Financial planning is really about… recommending simple wills

A will is a legal document signed by a testator or testatrix, or a will maker. The will controls the disposition of property owned by the testator/trix on his or her death. Most people regard the will as being the dominant estate planning document. 

Clients without a relatively recent will should have one suggested. MLA Lawyers can assist your clients to establish wills that are low-cost and reliable. The provision of this service allows you to charge an amount for the time you spend liaising between the client and MLA Lawyers. We recommend you make use of this service: the wills that your clients receive will almost certainly still be cheaper than wills that could be obtained elsewhere.

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Adviser tip – here is how you might suggest it

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You should (each) establish a simple will to ensure that your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets are carried out if you should you pass away prematurely. Having a current will in place simplifies administration and saves your loved ones additional stress at a very difficult time.

We will assist you in drawing up a will using our in-house MLA Lawyers service.

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