Dover stresses real statements of advice creating real strategies for real clients.

It’s all about financial strategies, not financial products.

And advisers have to move away from financial products ageing-and-dyingto strategies if they are to flourish in a post LIF reform world. Two obvious areas of expertise and capacity are aged care advice and estate planning advice. Two areas of practice that are just going to get bigger and bigger as the years go by. Dover encourages advises to develop skills and expertise, and backs this up with low cost legal services through MLA Lawyers.

Dover is the only AFSL with the capacity and skills to do this.

Aged care and estate planning advice is something Dover has been doing for years. We can help you do it too.

The good news is we have been seeing more and more advisers move into aged care advice and estate planning. Its win/win. It’s a great new service for the client, from a trusted adviser with whom they have a long term relationship, who they know has their interests at heart. And it’s a rewarding area of professional practice for advisers. An area where they can really help their clients that sits comfortably with other aspects of the adviser/client relationship.

You feel good when you really help clients.

The extra fee notes are great too. Let’s not forget it’s also about creating a profitable and valuable practice.

Aged care advice 

Your clients are getting older. They, like the rest of the Australian population, are getting closer and closer to retirement and then, later, aged care. And don’t forget your clients’ parents. Most clients in their fifties or sixties will face aged care decisions for their own parents, and they need the advice of a professional financial planner to guide them through the process and make sure they do not make a mistake.

It’s an emotional time, and emotions often cause mistakes.

Reliable information is hard to come by. To this end the Dover Way has been up-dated to include a new chapter on aged care. This information is designed as a reference source for advisers, but it also works as an information source for your clients. Our market research shows clients are keen to learn more, and your statutory obligations require you to educate your clients on relevant matters.

Your clients want practical and reliable information. We recommend you refer your clients to the Dover Way and invite them in for a meeting to discuss possible strategies.

You can access the aged care information here: Aged care and the Dover Way.

Estate planning advice 

Discussing age care options leads in to estate planning. You know your client’s financial profile and this means you are well placed to lead them through the estate planning process.

Most clients need estate planning advice. Older clients in particular need estate planning advice. There are at least two reasons for this: they have bigger estates and they are more likely to die sooner.

MLA Lawyers can support you as you lead your clients through their estate planning process. Experienced solicitors prepare wills and related documents at fixed low prices ($375 for a will creating a testamentary trust) and quality control your advice to make sure you have covered all bases.  You advise the client, host the signing ceremony, witness the documents and generally handle the client interface. You bill your client for your time in handling the estate planning process.

It’s a great system that creates great value for your clients and help place you as their trusted adviser.

You can access the estate planning information here: The Financial Planner as an Estate Planner.

Let me know if we can be of further help.