In October 2018 ASIC’s Gervase Greene rang the ABC to tell the ABC it was entirely Terry McMaster’s idea to close Dover.

Gervase did so even though on 11 June 2018 Louise Macaulay happily told him ASIC was on the front foot closing Dover, cutting the time for advisers to find a new AFSL to just 28 days. Because it could.

Despite this, and fully aware of what he was doing, four months later Gervase Greene rang the ABC’s Andrew Robertson to say “it was entirely (Terry McMaster’s) idea to close Dover.

Gervase Greene said this despite Peter Kell engaging to note Dover should be closed as early as 2016, based on faked ASIC case studies.

Gervase Greene said this despite ASIC’s famous fifth of June 2018 letter making it clear it was ASIC’s decision to close Dover, not Terry McMaster’s decision.

Dover has complained to ASIC about this obviously false and misleading statement. ASIC has not done anything about investigating it.