Once or twice a week a SOA comes in for review involving borrowing to buy the client’s business office/factory/shop. We say yes every time. Provided the price is right, buying the business’ premises is almost always a good move. You get security of tenure, guaranteed rent and, provided some simple conditions are met, a CGT free investment. My experience with clients investing in their business premises has historically been very good, and it’s something we encourage you to encourage your clients to do. Why don’t you write to each business client suggesting that as a CGT free alternative to buying a residential property investment they instead invest in business premises? And then help them do it? Ie source the property, negotiate the purchase, set up the structure, arrange the finance and instruct the solicitors. Project manage the process from go to whoa? The worst case is your clients will say no, but thanks for thinking of me. Your time has not been wasted: clients like to know you are thinking of them. More likely a few clients will say “That’s a great idea. Let’s do it.” And you get more fees for services and happier clients. Remember, the key to developing a fee for service practice is to first provide the service.