Dover Financial Advisers allows you to run your practice the way you want to run your practice.

Our advice is free of institutional bias and influence, stressing strategies rather than products, and designed to create and nurture long term client relationships. It’s always what is best for your client, and therefore what is best for you and your practice.

Every Dover SOA is reviewed by independent solicitors before it goes to your client. This minimizes the risk of error, and maximizes traction with your clients. Your clients are comfortable that your advice is of high quality, in their best interests and appropriate to the circumstances. That’s how advice should be, and it’s what builds your practice.

Dover (via a related party) is one of Australia’s largest SMSF administrators. We have more than forty experienced SMSF accountants who provide expert low cost SMSF support to our advisers. We handle more than 3000 SMSFs a year.

Dover’s Vietnam team provides advisers with low cost practice administrative support including policy applications.

Dover sets up SMSFs, and trusts for its advisers for free. Dover Legal E Docs is one of Australia’s largest document providers, and it provides standard legal documents including wills and related estate planning documents to advisers. Dover Legal E Docs sets up thousands of SMSFs every year, free for Dover advisers

MLA Lawyers specializes in commercial advice to financial planners and their clients, and its principals and consultants have decades of practical hands on experience working with clients. MLA Lawyers is there for you and your clients when it matters most, and this includes successful claims management strategies.

Dover has state of the art on-line strategy based CPD, uniquely focusing on everything other than products. Learn about what matters most to your client, not what matters most to a financial institution. Our CPD is designed to help you build a valuable and sustainable practice.

Dover ACES provides the perfect client engagement strategies. Brilliant websites that present you as the leader of a team of experienced professionals, supported by technical manuals demonstrating your technical competence. Dover ACES includes weekly newsletters automatically sent to your clients and potential clients, and pushed through your social media. That’s the key to creating a great practice: regular client communications.

Dover ACES is all about presenting you as the expert to your target market, and getting new clients in your door. With an emphasis on new doctor clients.

Short SOAs

Dover encourages short, clear, concise and effective SOAs.

Dover’s RODO SOA tool allows you to prepare compliant and easy to understand SOAs in just a few minutes. Risk insurance and superannuation advices are completed in minutes, not days and you know they are compliant because we check them closely before they are sent to your clients.

Most Dover advisers do not need expensive paraplanners when they use Dover’s RODO SOA tool.

And Dover saves you a huge amount of money!

Dover costs $17,500 a year for the first adviser, and $8,750 a year for the second adviser. Payable monthly, with 365 days free credit.

There are no other fees. And Dover does not get paid by anyone other than its advisers.

This is critical to our objectivity, and the key to making sure our advice is in your client’s best interests, and therefore your best interests.

And Dover provides a unique 365 days credit period. All monthly tax invoices are paid on 365 days. So your monthly tax invoice for July 2017 is not payable until July 2018. That’s a huge benefit for your working capital and something other AFSLs do not match.

And yes, the tax invoice is incurred for tax purposes when it sent, not when it is paid. This means you can claim tax deduction for our tax invoices in the tax year you receive them rather than the tax year you pay them.

Compare the after tax net cash flow effect to paying 12 months in advance! Changing to Dover creates a huge cash flow saving.

This is why Dover is in your best interests and most appropriate to you. It’s the best possible service at the best possible price.