I wince every time I hear or read the words “female financial planners”.

Financial planners who are not men should not be treated as a separate category of financial planners, somehow different to men.

There is no place for gender differentiation, or religious differentiation or ethnic differentiation in the financial planning profession.

I wince even harder when I hear or read the words “female financial planner of the year”.

How demeaning: a separate category for women, with separate advertising, promotion and marketing, and a claim that it’s all about getting more women to join the profession.

I expect I read more SOAs than probably anyone else in Australia. I probably speak to more financial planners than anyone else in Australia too. I say unequivocally that women do not need a special category, some weirdly condescending second class suggesting they are not as good as men.

I will even take this further: financial planners who are women generally provide technically better, more holistic, and less product orientated advice. They are less likely to be institutionalized in thoughts and deeds. They tend to be have a better attitude to compliance, supported by a virtual absence of female names from ASIC’s enforceable undertakings register.

Can we please scrap the adjective “female” from any description of a financial planner who is not male? And treat everyone the same regardless of gender, ethnicity or cultural background?

May be when we do this more women will join the profession. 

And we will just have “financial planners”.