One of our advisers recently prepared a very good strategy based SOA. For the purpose of this article, we’ll call his client Penelope Pitstop. Our adviser arranged risk insurances for Penelope about a year ago, and has since been working with her on a strategy to get her personal debt under control, as a precursor to implementing an investment strategy. Step 1 was to coach her through a salary review process to increase her income by more than $20,000. Step 2 was to identify some budget improvements. Penelope is getting her personal debts under control and is now well on the way to getting a great financial plan in place. It’s not rocket science, and it does not involve financial products. It does involve understanding and patience. And some long term strategic thinking. Con has a happy client, singing his praises and referring family and friends for the next thirty years. His fee may not huge but his future payback will be. Penelope is not be his ideal target client. But she is a client, and she is a human being who needed a hand. It’s a great example of why advisers should always take a thirty year view, not a thirty day view. You cannot charge a young client much for this sort of work, but what is a thirty year client worth? You do the maths. Its huge. Advise the client sitting in front of you. Make sure your advice is relevant and appropriate. And that is where your next client will come from.