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In the modern world, it is crucial that all professionals provide quality online content in a good-looking, easy-to-use online format.

All Dover advisers receive complimentary access to Dover’s ACES program. ACES stands for Adviser Client Engagement Solution, and the service pivots around the provision of high-quality websites delivered via your domain name and using your branding.

Dover ACES takes the work out of providing a quality online experience. We develop all website materials and host the site content from our own server. You need only provide your preferred domain name and we do the rest. We even assist with graphic design and can advise on basic things such as corporate colours and appropriate photography.

Once we have a quality website up and running for you, we then add fresh content to that site each week. Automatically each Friday you have an article or newsletter uploaded to your website. Written by us, you can be confident that this article meets all compliance requirements – a confidence that extends to your entire website. All articles are written by professional authors with many years’ experience delivering face-to-face services to real clients.

Once a month, you can receive a PDF newsletter prepared using your corporate colours, your imagery and your contact details. The aim of the ACES program is to develop your business, not ours.

We prepare all weekly resources and provide you with a schedule of the dates upon which each article will be published. You can also view the article well in advance so that you know what’s coming. The weekly content can then be utilised in one of two ways. Firstly, and most simply, you can do nothing and your website will be updated each week as per the published schedule. Alternatively, you can request a login to the content delivery system, which will allow you to turn off certain articles or to change the dates upon which articles will be published on your site. In addition, using this option, you can also upload your own articles for publication on your site. These articles will be reviewed for compliance and then published on your site on the date of your choosing.

All website content is easily shared onto social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Automated emailing campaigns can also be created, ensuring that your list of clients and potential clients are notified each time something of interest is published on your website.

To view some samples of websites we have created for Dover advisers, please follow these links:

The Dover ACES Benefits

A free Dover ACES website emphasising you as the leader of a team of experienced and well qualified professional advisers

Free technical manuals, including the Doctor’s Guide to Financial Planning and similar manuals created for medical professionals, presented in your name and colours on your website

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