Professional Development

We aim to make high-quality professional development easy to access for all advisers.

ASIC RG 146 requires all advisers to have an annual training plan prepared – and then, of course, followed. The training plan for Dover advisers is to complete Dover’s Online CPD program – 20 hours of FPA accredited, online professional development specifically curated by Dover’s senior management team.

This training resource is developed in-house. Tellingly, it is completely free from product bias, instead preferring to address strategic financial planning in all of its context. The training divides into 10 modules, each of two hours duration. Each module is assessed using a small quiz, with the successful completion of each quiz being automatically recorded within your compliance file here at Dover. This is absolutely the simplest way for advisers to complete and document this important compliance obligation.

Because it constitutes our advisors training plan, all advisers must complete all modules of Dover’s Online CPD each year. The 10 modules are provided monthly, between February and November inclusive. Advisors who join Dover during the current year are asked to complete only those modules for the months following their commencement. For example, an advisor who joins in May needs to complete modules from June onwards.

In addition to this required training, advisers are welcome to attend one of Dover’s face-to-face training events. In recent years, these have occurred in each capital city and, once again, all attendees have enjoyed the complete absence of product based presentations.

Finally, our commitment to continued development sees us regularly encouraging all advisers to develop new skills and knowledge designed to assist them to run more profitable practices that emphasise a client’s best interests at all times.

Earn Accredited CPD Points for 2018

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