“Any Occupation”

Any occupation cover means that you cannot do any work that you are reasonably suited to by education or training. A standard definition of any occupation TPD is as follows (definitions differ between insurers):

You have been unable to follow your own occupation for a continuous period of three months solely because of an injury or sickness, and in our opinion, based on medical or other evidence, solely as a result of that injury or sickness, you are unlikely ever to be able to follow your occupation or any other occupation for which you are reasonably fitted by education, training or experience.


  • The premiums for this type of cover are cheaper than for the alternative, own occupation.
  • This type of cover is available for a wider range of employment types.


  • The insured may have to prove a greater degree of disablement in order to prove a claim.
  • The insured may have a claim rejected if they are capable of performing work that is different to the work they normally do.
The Dover Group