The Dover Group

Senior Management Team

Florence Tee

My name is Florence. I am Dover’s Chief Executive Officer and am responsible for all aspects of Dover’s operations.

I  have a special interest in helping new advisers transition to Dover’s high compliance model as smoothly as possible, getting them used to our SOA review and content requirements and processes.

I am a CPA and a financial planner and hold a Bachelor of Commerce from Melbourne University and a diploma of financial planning. 

I have been with Dover since 2007, virtually from the day it opened its doors and first started helping advisers create great practices.

Outside of Dover I run marathons and enjoy yoga, scuba diving and  reading good books. 03 8516 5352

Tran Nguyen

I graduated with a combined degree Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University in 2016. I’ve been working with McMasters Accountants for many years and have extensive experience in Self Managed Super Fund for more than 9 years. 03 8516 5361

Adviser Relations Team

Peter Thompson

I’m Peter Thompson, Adviser Relations Manager at Dover.

My main role is to help aspirant advisers through the often confusing process in deciding upon a suitable dealer group. I also develop key relationships with industry BDMs to deliver flexible solutions with respect to software, research and investment models.

I have an advanced diploma in financial planning and I am a financial planner.

Away from work I enjoy time with my wife and two young sons, competing in triathlons ranging from short sprints up to full Ironman distances. 03 8516 5353

Terry McMaster

I am Terry McMaster. I am the responsible manager at Dover and I am responsible for ensuring Dover complies with the Corporations Act and other relevant legislation, and making sure our advisers provide clear, concise and effective advice that is in the client’s best interests and is appropriate to the client.

In 2017 I am focusing on helping advisers provide better advice to their clients and develop business plans to deal with the LIF reforms scheduled for 1 July 2018.

I practice as a solicitor, an accountant and a financial planner, and have done so for more than thirty years. I have a wide background in commercial law, particularly revenue law and superannuation. I also do a lot of estate planning work.

I am the founding director of McMasters’ a multi-disciplinary practice that specialises in legal services, accounting and financial planning for medical doctors, and I still see clients every day.

I am lucky enough to live in Black Rock, so I walk to work every day. I am married to Simone, have three adult or near adult children, and spend most of my spare time training for long distance triathlons. I particularly enjoy helping advisers with client strategies and seeing their practices grow and prosper over the years. 03 8516 5358 Profile

SOA Coaching

Yin Low

Hi, I am Yin. I am the Compliance Manager and a Financial Planner at Dover. I am also part of MLA Lawyers praciticng as a solicitor. My main role in Dover includes overseeing the group’s compliance processes, reviewing adviser’s Statement of Advice and providing support to advisers.

I hold a Master of Banking and Financial Services Law from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Law (Hons) from Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom. I also hold a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Diploma in Financial Planning. 

I love spending my free time with family and friends, taking a stroll in the park or along the beach, travelling and cooking. 03 8516 5355

Serra Koh

My name is Serra Koh. I am a Compliance Manager and I am  involved in reviewing all statements of advice before they are sent to clients, making sure they are perfectly compliant, as well as effective communication tools.

I have a particular interest in helping advisers with complex strategies and non-product advice.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Communications and have almost completed a Masters degree in Law. I am a qualified Financial Planner.

Aside from having a travel bug, I enjoy reading and relaxing by the beach. 03 8516 5356

Serina Pham

My name is Serina and I am part of Dover’s Compliance Team and the Legal Team at MLA Lawyers. I am a practising solicitor. My main role is to review of the statements of advice prepared by Dover Advisers to ensure their compliance with the relevant law and to make sure they are effective client communications that are likely to be acted on by clients.

I completed a double degree at Monash University, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Since completing University, I completed a post graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, before becoming a qualified Australian Legal Practitioner. Prior to joining Dover I practised law at a boutique law firm in the CBD, specialising in Immigration and Family Law. 

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and walking my dog. 03 8516 5354

Avril Matimba

My name is Avril and I am a member of Dover’s Compliance Team. My main role is to help Dover advisers write better SOAs and to check their SOAs for compliance before they are sent to their clients. 

I hold a double degree from Deakin University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, majoring in Finance and International Trade and Economic Policies. Prior to joining the Dover team, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Leo Cussen Institute for Law.

I am a practising solicitor.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, cooking and spending time with my family and friends. 03 8516 5348

Jeremy Sim

My name is Jeremy Sim and I am part of Dover’s SOA review team. My main role is making sure every SOA is compliant and prepared in accordance with ASIC’s guidelines before the adviser sends it to the client. This is a key part of the Dover Way and means every adviser gets a free second opinion before they present their SOA to their client.

I hold a Bachelor of Law (Hons) from Monash University and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Leo Cussen Institute for Law.

Outside of work I enjoy reading and playing with my cat. 03 8516 5346

Margaret Patrick

My name is Margaret and I am a member of Dover’s SOA support team.

My main role is reviewing  statements of advice prepared by Dover advisers, and making sure they are up to scratch before they are sent to the clients. 

I enjoy working with financial advisers to deliver appropriate and effective financial advice that meets their clients’ objectives, particularly with complex non-product strategies.

I hold a Juris Doctor (Master of Laws) from Monash University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Melbourne. Post university, I have also completed a post graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the College of Law.

Outside of work, I enjoy making my way through the ‘Flavours of Melbourne’ guide which celebrates Melbourne’s food and coffee scene. 03 8516 5357

Charnelle Matimba

My name is Charnelle and I am part of the Compliance Team at Dover. My role comprises of SOA Review and liaising with Financial Advisers to ensure that all aspects of their advice are compliant with primarily, the Corporations Act. As a result, our financial advisers are able to cater for their clients needs and honour best interests duties.

I completed a Bachelor of Law (Hons) and a Bachelor of Science (Distinction) at Deakin University. Upon finishing my tertiary studies, I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Leo Cussen Institute for Law and have since been admitted as an Australian Legal Practitioner. 

When I am not at Dover, I enjoy fitness activities, reading, dancing and having a laugh with friends.

The Adviser Client Engagement Services (ACES) Team

Wilbert Chhua

My name is Wilbert. I am the IT manager at Dover. 

I started my professional career in business advisory at McMasters’ Accountants (a related firm to Dover) after having graduated from Monash with a commerce and a business information system degrees.

I am a chartered accountant.

I have found my passion in  IT solutions for Dover and its advisers, helping improve adviser practices through systematic marketing and automated SOA processes.

Part of my role is developing ideas to bring about new business opportunities to the Dover Group.

Outside of work, I go for a jog and a quick swim. 03 8516 5351

Adrian McMaster

My name is Adrian McMaster and I have worked with Dover and its now dormant sister company Dover Training for more than ten years.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Melbourne University, and a diploma in psychology. I also hold a diploma in theology and have almost completed a bachelor of law degree.

I have practised as as psychologist,  an accountant and as a financial planner, and bring each of these skills into play with my work for Dover. I am particularly involved in Dover’s Adviser Client Engagement Systems and am responsible for Dover’s on-line CPD program.

I am the author of a diploma of financial planning and a book on financial planning. I am also the main author of Dover’s CPD materials and related manuals.

Away from work, I am a devoted husband, father and junior sports coach. 03 8516 5368

Vincent Halim

My name is Vincent and I am computer scientist. I develop original software for Dover’s various adviser support projects including our on-line adviser CPD, our automated SOA software project, adviser websites and the Adviser Client Engagement System.

I hold a computer science degree from Monash University.

I am interested in sport, travel and reading.



Tony Chiang


My name is Tony Chiang and I am a computer science graduate from Melbourne University.

My role is to develop original software to automate the Dover client advice process, emphasising compliance and ASIC’s requirement that SOAs be clear, concise and effective.

I am also involved in creating high end adviser websites including personalised technical manuals and automated marketing strategies designed to generate new clients for the adviser.

Out of work I enjoy travel and spending time with friends and family.

Hoa Phuoc

Hi, My name is Hoa Nguyen. Since graduating from the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City, I have been employed at Dover working as a motion designer. I enjoy bringing graphic elements to life through animation. Recently I was involved in a project where we used animation to help illustrate difficult financial concepts.

Dogs are my big love! They are always beside me when I am in need. I also enjoy reading psychology books and playing football with friends.

Compliance Team

Phu Truong

Hi, my name is Phu. I am a member of Dover Compliance team. I am based in Dover’s Vietnam office.

I review Statements of Advice and help with para-planning services, as well as other compliance related responsibilities.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE) in Singapore, majoring in Banking and Finance.

I enjoy travelling and reading fantasy and science novels in my spare time. I have a great passion for the seventh art, as for me, “all of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.”

Mai Nguyen

Hi, my name is Mai. I started working as a member of the Compliance team based in Dover’s Vietnam office after finishing my BSc in the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.

I am currently training in Melbourne.

My main role is reviewing statements of advice for Dover advisers and assisting the Melbourne staff in our various compliance processes. This includes reviewing financial services guides, websites and marketing information.

I enjoy working with the Dover team and the Dover and hope to expand my knowledge and skills in financial services law while I am working for with Dover.

Outside of work, I am into archery, travelling, shopping and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Truc Vu

Hello, my name is Truc. I am a member of the Compliance team where I am based in Dover’s Vietnam office. Dover is my very first workplace after completing a Bachelor of Business Administration in the Eastern International University. My main role involves reviewing the statements and records of advice submitted by Dover advisers. I also assist the Melbourne staff with various administrative tasks.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading books and spending time with my family and friends.

An Truong

Hi, my name is An and I am a part of the Vietnam Compliance team. My main role involves reviewing stationery to ensure compliance has been followed, checking commissions and entering data to ensure information remains up-to-date. I am also involved in assisting the team in SOA reviews.

I earned a Bachelor degree of Financial Management from Danang University of Economics. I also obtained several post-graduate qualifications in stock and Real Estate. My desire is to pursue a career in personal financial management. I look forward to developing my skills as a member of the Dover team.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading books about psychology and history. I also keep fit by practicing yoga and jogging.

The AdminTeam

Soni Phan

Hi, I’m Soni. I attended the University of Economics and Law in Vietnam where I gained a degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation I started working for McMasters’ where I was a member of the Administration team for three years. I have recently joined Dover where I hope to develop my skills and get more experience while contribute for the growth of the company.

Outside of work, I love participating in sports and singing. I also enjoy spending my free time with my family.