Dover’s Training Days 2016

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National Training Days 2016

Dover offers two training days at various locations around Australian in the first half of 2016. Each training day attract 5 CPD points. Dover’s training focuses on real strategies for real financial planning practices and aim to help you build a better and more valuable financial planning practice.

Please feel welcome to attend!

You do not have to be a Dover adviser to attend!

Dover’s training days are open to all advisers, not just those aligned with Dover.

On some days more than half the attendees are not Dover advisers. 

You are more than welcome to come along and learn about how you can improve your practice and make a good thing even better.

2016 topics: tax planning and LIF planning

The topics are:

  1. Day One: All About Tax: Tax and tax minimisation for you and your clients.

    Tax is everywhere. It permeates everything a financial planner does. Getting the tax right can make or break an investment. Getting the tax right can make or break a financial planning practice. 

    This training day shows you how financial planners can improve their own tax profiles. It draws on more than thirty years of practical tax assistance to explain practical steps you can take with your practice.

    It will also help you create a checklist of tax ideas to help you help your clients improve their tax profiles.

    We look at how to structure your practice, how to structure your investments, how to invest tax efficiently, how to claim deductions and how to best use superannuation concessions. You can get a handle on the content by looking at Fifty ways for financial planners to save tax.

  2. Day Two: Growing your risk insurance practice in a post-LIF world. 

    This training day examines the Federal Government’s decision in late 2015 to allow ASIC to cap commissions paid by insurers to advisers in connection with risk insurance policies, and what you need to do now to protect the value of your practice.

    The Government’s changes are profound: the real value of gross commission income will fall by as much as 40% in the first year. The typical risk adviser will be 20% worse off after seven years. This is a knock out punch for most traditional risk insurance practices. You need to do something now.



What the LIF commission cuts mean for your risk insurance practice


Content includes:

  • Where are we now? In 2016? In 2018? 
  • a case study  commissions from 1 July 2018 on
  • valuation implications
  • how to protect against claw back period lapses
  • how LIF can save you tax
  • what comes: next LIF II due 2018
  • what you should be doing now to preserve and grow your practice
  • what your risk insurance SOA should look like after 1 July 2016

ASIC’s on risk insurance advice: how ASIC would write a risk insurance SOA


Content includes:

  • a study of ASIC’s public statements on the content of risk insurance SOAs
  • how to write an ASIC proof risk insurance SOA
  • how would ASIC write an SOA?
  • What would ASIC’s risk insurance SOA look like?
  • a surprising conclusion

FOS Advocacy: a new practice specialty

Content includes:

  • how FOS works
  • the FOS process, from go to whoa
  • has your new client received poor risk insurance advice?
  • your duty to complain on behalf of your new client
  • how to write a great FOS complaint
  • charging for FOS complaints: a new source of practice revenue

Practical issues with the best interests duty

Content includes:

  • what does the best interests duty really mean for risk insurance specialists?
  • there is no safe harbour
  • what would you say to your mother? Your sister? Your daughter?
  • secular advice for religious clients. Is there a conflict? Is it appropriate? Is there a solution?
  • dealing with low functioning or vulnerable clients: a heightened duty of care
  • dealing with high net worth clients
  • dealing with low net worth clients
  • the possible importance of doing nothing
  • churning case studies:
    • when is it OK to change insurers?
    • when is it not Ok to change insurers?
  • the under insurance problem
  • the over insurance solution

Growing your risk insurance practice

Content includes:

  • how to get your costs down
  • how to get your revenue up
  • how to get your message out:
    • the value of your SOA as a marketing document
    • the value of communicating with potential clients
    • the value of a meeting
    • the value of networking
    • the value of referrals
  • website design and social media marketing
  • the required core competencies
  • the right attitude
  • marketing strategies:
    • what works
    • what does not work
  • pricing strategies
    • what works
    • what does not work
  • can it be done: tax deductible fee notes?
  • insurance inside super

Selling or buying a risk insurance practice

Content includes:

  • why your practice should always be sale ready
  • valuation trends
  • what to look for when buying a practice
  • how much is that practice worth to you?
  • the impact of LIF on future revenue streams
  • passive income stream or active business?
  • taking your practice to market: your options
  • dealing with the vendor’s staff and associates
  • restrictive covenants

Tax effective ownership structures for risk insurance practices

Content includes:

  • making sure you pay the least amount of tax legally possible
  • integrating your practice and your investments
  • the ATO’s views on practice structures
  • the ATO’s conditions for sharing practice income
  • asset protection issues
  • debt management issues
  • choice of structure
  • car ownership
  • maximising deductions

The new educational standards framework

Content includes:

  • the state of play: it’s not as bad as you think
  • the Recognition of Prior Learning concessions
  • your training options
  • identifying the pathway of least resistance
  • Dover’s training support systems
  • turning adversity to opportunity
  • the need to start now


There is no cost to attend the Training Days.

We leave travel to and accommodation at each of the venues for the attendees to organise.  

Dates and Locations

The dates and locations for these training days are:

Time Date City Venue
11am – 5pm Tuesday 29 & Thursday 31 March 2016 Gold Coast Vibe Hotel Gold Coast
42 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
11am – 5pm Tuesday 12 April & Wednesday 13 April 2016 Perth Ibis Hotel
334 Murray St, Perth, WA 6000
11am – 5pm

Thursday 14 April & Friday 15 April 2016


Adelaide Ibis Hotel
122 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA 5000
10am – 4pm Monday 23 May & Tuesday 24 May 2016 Melbourne Buckingham International
1130 Nepean Hwy, Highett, VIC 3190
10am – 4pm Wednesday June 1 and Thursday June 2 2016 Sydney Kirribilli Club
11 Harbourview Cres, Lavender Bay, NSW, 2060

Please note that there is a rest day on the Wednesday on the Gold Coast. Training days in the other cities are on consecutive days. 


Terry McMaster, Dover’s Responsible Manager, will present each of the training days.

Further Information and Booking your Place

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch at or call 03 8516 5350.

Places are filling fast, so to reserve your place please complete the booking form below.

We look forward to seeing you at a training day soon!

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